With a team built from Orange Sky values, we're building Campfire from Orange Sky's experiences.

Our Campfire story starts here...

Four years ago, Orange Sky had to scale quickly and learnt this could only happen through technology. Today, the organisation could not survive without the applications they’ve developed – and they want to share this with the community.

We’re working closely with our partners to learn how to collectively provide a better service to the community and those who are doing it tough.

Using a tool like Campfire, a team or organisation can better understand their impact and support more people all the while providing an exceptional volunteering experience.

We want to change the world by helping to achieve improved outcomes for those who need it most.

Campfire is a platform where amazing people connect with organisations and do extraordinary things.

Campfire's produce warmth, light and shelter. To build such a campfire elements such as a fire ring, a range of log cuts in different shapes and sizes, then finally, it needs people to come together and share in its warmth and create a campfire community.

Building the Fire Ring

A campfire’s fire ring is its foundation. Where it gets its form and structure from. Our platform has been designed from the ground up. Our foundation, born from Orange Sky experiences and technological expertise, has been structured so the platform can adapt and develop however the NFP sector grows and adapts to new ways of workings and needs from our friends doing it tough.

A Range of Logs to Fuel the Fire

The Campfire team is incredibly diverse. We range from engineers, to developers, to designers, to partnership managers! The depth of knowledge spans incredibly meaning we are continuously improving and updating the platform to ensure that it continues to fit the needs of our partners. We are commited to making a difference in the for-purpose industry and know that change starts with technology.

Creating the Campfire Community

Our partners create our community. They use Campfire for light into their operations, providing their volunteers with some love and warmth and, most importantly, spreading their impact throughout the community. Campfire has enabled our partners to connect with more volunteers and onboard them efficiently and securely. Those volunteers have been empowered to take on volunteering opportunities and